Eyes Where Meant To See

If you’re with me …



I can’t collapse again …

Doubting Dreamers

Doubt is a necessary component to be a dreamer. You have to doubt that reality is as bad as others believe it is. You have to doubt that this is the way it will always be. Lastly, you have to doubt those who are doubting you. You have to resist the urge to be complacent and settle into a stagnant perspective because the system is complex and seems insurmountable.

TWTD : Embracing Death

I fell in and out, around, between, above, and below all forms of love. I let love carry me as well as heartbreak. I mended my broken heart with the thread given to me by previous and present lovers.

TWTD : Perfected Self

In my perfected state, I weave together words and craft a beautiful story. Maybe that’s why my life is so beautiful. I view it from a perspective that I enjoy looking back on. How beautiful is your story?